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NOTICE: Rube is needed to comment...

Okay, I know it's been a long time coming, but we have George, Daisy, Rube, Mason, Roxy, and Amelia (an original character created by princess_pingu) and you can find her character description in the community userinfo.

When getting started, I was just gonna make a little note before actually posting. I thought it would be easier to start it in Der Waffle Haus, after George was already killed and had taken a few souls, so that she was used to the job. The plot can go wherever you guys want it to, let's not get extremely dramatic, though. We want to keep it fun and interesting, although anything gory and morid is fine if you like it like that, lol. :)

Now, as for me starting, I would like o say, this may start off shaky, but soon I hope we'll have a good handle on things. Once it starts, others can comment in reply (while still in character) to the first entry. Everyone should comment in character to the first entry, and meet me (George) at Der Waffle Haus. Okay, lots of love ~~ George

George sat alone in their usual booth at Der Waffle Haus. She stared blankly at the ceiling and looked around. Usually Rube got here first, she thought, he practically lived here, she'd never gotten here before he had. It had been a trying few days since her death, but she was finally accepting it and trying to move on. Though, she didn't think her sister Reggie would ever come to terms with George's sudden tragic death. But in the afterlife, maybe there would be new hopes, new possibilities. She had never really learned to relax in life, to sit back and enjoy the important things as everyone else, or at least most people, did. And as she sat waiting, suddenly, the front door to Der Waffle Haus opened, and she looked up to see if it was Rube, or possibly Mason, or any of the others...
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