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George had given up looking for Rube. He obviously wasn't going to show up in Der Waffle Haus, or he would already have been there. She wasn't going to wait for him all day, Amelia had already paid for George's breakfast (lucky thing too, she had no money, but usually Rube could spare some change, and if not, she just wouldn't eat) and she didn't want to sit in the waffle house all day flat broke. So she decided that if there were no post-its, then there were no post-its. It couldn't be helped. But at least no one had to die, right? I mean, if she didn't get a post-it, then no one had to die, right? Well, in George's mind this seemed fair, so she just kept walking, she didn't need to know where Rube was, it was his decision not to show up, so what could she do? As for the others, they could figure their own way out of this, after all, Mason was busy eating his free breakfast, and the others were chit-chatting. If Rube did eventually wander in, they could tell him she'd left.
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