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A Dead Like Me RPG

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This community is an RPG for the hit show on Showtime, Dead Like Me. I started it because there were no other interesting, active RPG's for this particular show, which is one of my faves, so I hope this will take off and be very active soon.

Since there has only been one season of Dead Like Me so far, we've been able to get an idea of what each character is like, how they interact with others, and their point of views and attitudes on things. So this will definitely help out in starting this community, but what's also important is just loosely basing the events on the show, for instance, not everything that happens on the show must happen in the RPG. We create our own events, and change the ones we weren't happy with, got it? ;)

The Rules...

1.) When Joining, please be sure we know what character you are. You do NOT have to have a separate username for the particular character you play, but if you choose to, that's up to you. If you're not using a separate character username, e.g. ___mason___, then please make sure your icon has a picture of the person you're playing. We NEED to know who you are, or there could be mass confusion :)

2.) When Posting, feel free to be creative and invent events if you'd like. But don't be overly dramatic or impossible. Some things just cannot happen, even if this is a show about grim reapers. And please try to sound like the character you're playing, be sure to stay "in character" throughout the post and respect the feelings of others, and try not to offend anyone, or their characters, too terribly bad. And please, post frequently, because that's what keeps the community alive!

3.) When Not Posting For Awhile, such as a vacation or computer problems, etc. Please try and let me know by e-mailing me at: oc_addict@mindless.com and/or post an entry placing your character 'out of town' or doing something somewhere else, so that the RPG can continue without your character. Each character is very important so please remember to let me know.

4.) When Posting Out of Character, please make a lj-cut by using the following code:
<*lj-cut text="OOC"*> without the stars in it. This lets us know that you're posting something out of character, which is fine, by the way, just as long as you make the lj-cut, please.

5.) When RPG-ing, Please remember to HAVE FUN! This is the most important rule, without out, the whole point of the community is gone. Please do not purposely offend anyone around you, it's rude and you may have to be kicked off for any unnecessary insults you throw at someone. And I guess that's all the rules. C'mon and join and have some fun!

Characters Taken:
Georgia "George" Lass [georgia_lass] [AIM: jadiant404]
Daisy Adair [deadlikedaisy] [AIM: seagoddessea]
Mason [_mason_parking_] [AIM: Dark Eyed Slayer]
Roxy [touch_of_sass][MSN:
Rube [mc_honky]
Amelia Thorsby (original) [amelia_thorsby] [AIM: CTu5241019]


Amelia Noelle Thorsby
Character Description:
Age: 22
FBI Agent (2 1/2 years) (murdered by a car jacker who escaped on foot)
Personality: Very shy, eager, timid, but very kind hearted, has taken a shine to Rube since he's the only thing close to a father figure that she's ever had.
5'4", reddish brown hair, pale skin (she's Irish), green eyes, slender frame, wears glasses (sometimes contacts), soft spoken, no Irish accent, just a normal accent.

Available Characters

Clancy Lass
Joy Lass
Reggie Lass



*Note: There are two separate interactions going on within the game. One is between George and the group of other grim reapers and the other is between Reggie and her parents. These two groups will not interact with one another.

By the Way...
Dead Like Me Fanfiction, icons, graphics, fansite, etc. promotion is encouraged! If you have anything related to Dead Like Me that you'd like to share with the rest of the community, please do so! Just post an OOC lj-cut and show us what you've got! :D