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OOC: Suggestion about AIM names.

I think we need a list of everyone's Out Of Character AOL Instant Messenger names. We can all keep in touch. It's alot easier this way.

And hopefully people are on alot, time issues...are..well, issues.

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I agree. I'm CTu5241019, Reapergrl86 (I Rp as George on this SN), Devious Tink, and XxMasqueofLiesxX (My Roxy character). So if anyone needs to get ahold of me, you know where I am :D
AIM: Dark Eyed Slayer
So far neither of you are online :P.
CTu5241019 is online. I had to take off my blocker :D
Well I'll be damned :P.
lmao. you're the first person to use that since I've heard my brother say it.
If everyone will just comment and drop off their AIM screen names, or whatever messenger you use, I'll put the list on the community info.

I RP as George and my SN is jadiant404
Get on AIM then hun.
Or add Dark Eyed Slayer.

I never see you on.
yah .. we never see u on