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Well, we have no members as of yet, so I'm talking to myself right now, but hopefully soon there will be members and they'll be reading this, lol. Anyway, my internet has decided to go wacky as soon as I get the RPG up and running, but it should fix itself in a matter of days, hopefully.

On to other matters, please feel free to join and tell your friends to join as well and we'll get started right away. Hopefully you've read the rules (they're not that harsh) and we can just enjoy ourselves and have fun. But remember, we need to keep the site updated as much as possible!

Also, something's a-mess with the icons, they don't seem to be showing up right now, but hopefully that will get fixed soon as well! As for now, hurry up and join and when we have several characters, we can get started. The only character taken right now is George, which is me! of course, lol. But please, if you want to be a character that is not on the list, just join and when I go to see your icon, if I approve the character, you're in. I just wrote down the basic main characters of the show, so I'm sure there's plenty more! :)

PS: One last thing, I need a few co-moderators, so if you're interested, e-mail me at and let me know your LJ username! :) ~thanks
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